Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lamenting the Loss of Lowewood...

It's that time of year again - the leaves turn brown, the air turns colder and schoolgirls everywhere prepare for a new term. Since the Lowewood Academy finished a couple of years ago I have felt a pang of loss, there will be no new school year, no new lower sixth meandering their way into mischief and inevitably ending up bent over somebody's lap.

For all those who miss the shenanigans that went on and are looking for a new term spanking fix look no further than 'The Spanking Collection' - a collection of exclusive stories from some of the web's best writers, including many of the former Lowewood team. The collection is also to raise money for a very good cause - cancer research so get keen and buy your copy now! It is bursting with many tales of girls (and boys) getting exactly what they deserve and a great read as the dark nights close in (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere anyway!)

The book is available in both paper and e-formats and more details can be found on the lovely Abel and Haron's website:


I hope you all thoroughly enjoy the book, which is for an excellent cause.


Pandora said...

I know what you mean - I miss Lowewood at this time of year too. Mind you, I'm probably getting a heap more work done in its absence ;)

Rebecca said...

Sad but true - writing was a lot of work but so much fun - I miss it sometimes and promise myself to start again but suspect it's the awesome team I really miss!

joeyred51 said...


Purchased book for kindle. Wonderful spanking stories. I really enjoyed your story about Annabele. Now she was a girl that really deserved a spanking.