Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I have noted a 'positive' for the feeling more grown-up, namely that it's bought back some of the self-confidence that has suffered a bit during a nightmare couple of years. That in turn has me racing after life's technicolour goodness and the training for the half-marathon has taken a huge leap forward. Suddenly I don't just want food, I want good food. I don't just want to exercise I want to go through the pain barrier and send my heart rate skyrocketing into the 200s and I don't want that to somewhat reluctantly match my training plan - I want to do it every day. I don't just want to go out, I want to see and do new exciting things. I want life's brightest and boldest colours right now.

So that's the vanilla side - I have bored you all a lot recently with oodles of vanilla ice cream and a bit of kinky coulis, largely because I don't really have two personas - I'm me and different aspects come out at different times. Part of the reason that I wanted to start a blog was to create a record of how it all comes together and what I'm thinking and feeling at the time, and to give myself a platform for some of my pervy fiction (which I'm being a bit shy about right now). Therefore if what I'm thinking about is mostly vanilla that's what you'll get I'm afraid...but I do promise you some splendid filth soon - I've just been a bit preoccupied with not getting shot.

AAaannyway, there are all these cravings for the afore mentioned vanilla things - athletic masochism (which will always be a favourite flavour of mine), good food, music, theatre, quality time with friends, walks in pretty places with trees and flowers. Thankfully my kinky motor has gone into hyperdrive too, which has resulted in far too much time spent looking for new school uniform and corsets. Exciting news for all girls - Tammy now do a 'gorgeously generous' range which has the same heights but bigger hips and waists - apparently I'm the equivalent of a generous 12/13yr old (hurrah!). New school skirt alert! I suppose at least one good thing has come out of kids getting bigger.

My play cravings are also returning. The boy interest and I played last weekend and he was giving me a 'jokey' punishment that he actually intended for me to enjoy as a bit of a 'welcome home'. Some yummy play followed and he finished with the cane and I kept being like 'no it's ok, you can hit me harder than that and I'll still like it' which was quite funny. I had some pretty stripes. I am also having the urge to be a bit experimental and explore things that I've been curious about but not engaged with in the past - more rope work, needles and some more head-fuckery seem particularly appealing. I also quite want to do some heavier scenes and push myself because I feel a bit safer about potentially allowing people to break me a little bit, which is something that can be very powerful, very hot but also quite intimidating. So feeling more Rebecca like in general helps with knowing that underneath I'm grounded and will find it hot afterwards, something which isn't always the case when you're feeling a bit down.

Basically I want rainbow colours right now :)


EmmaJane said...

What a fabulous, inspiring post. Going through a horrendous couple of weeks at work right now where I'm slowly having the life drained out of me. This post is like a lil kick up the ass.

I want rainbow colours too!

Thanks :)

Spanky said...

Good post! If you like writing pervy fiction, you should check out Flash Fiction Friday. You could be a natural!


Paul said...

Rebecca, a great post, seems you are coming out the other side, great for you.
Yes, rainbow colours for the Autumn.
Warm hugs,

Boy Interest said...

I can assure you the stripes were very pretty!

Glad you're feeling positive xx

Indy said...

No need to be apologetic about vanilla posts! I love blogs in which people feel free to express more than just their kinky sides. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it myself, so I understand why most people don't. Still, I see blogs that do as a real treat, because they let you get to "know" the interesting person behind them much more quickly.

Rebecca said...

Emma Jane - stress is bad for us all - I bet the weekend will be more colourful for you... Maybe as colourful as my thighs (but that's another story!)

Indy I'm glad you don't mind the vanilla rambling :-)