Sunday, 21 February 2010

Do they really notice...

Or even care? 'They' being men in this case. Us girlies obviously spend a lot of time before a scene thinking about what we're going to wear, how to do our hair and which underwear will go best. Thing is I didn't use to spend quite long thinking about it - I had one set of black quite nice H&M bra and pants and the rest were plain cotton and slightly stretched. I have distinct memories of heading back to the house of my first kinky boyfriend after training having not had a shower and wearing a sexy line in trackies and sports vest. He obsessed over me, was desperate to see me, wanted more than I could ever have given. More bizarrely he continued to obsess over me long after we split up.

So I guess what I'm asking is do men actually like the effort? Do you find us sexier in matching lingerie, corsetted and made-up. When you lift our skirts is it more exciting to find pretty lacy knickers or would faded baggy ones actually be fine?


Paul said...

Rebecca, I can't speak for others, but for myself I feel complimented when my girl dresses up for me.
It means that she takes pride in the way she looks and feels, and hopefully that she wishes to please me.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

Yes, we do notice, and we care. But its possible we don't want to appear unnapreciative of the girl inside if she has just come from a workout or whatever. After all, we all love the wrapping on the present but were not such small children that we ignore the gift inside.

Jessica said...

No, they don't notice.

As per our plan, last night I wore, instead of a pretty dress, stockings, suspenders and nice underwear, I wore my jeans, trainers and no make-up (( I did have a shower though, I couldn't not!). And he didn't notice. He even took me out to dinner like that!