I think I fall somewhere between a 1 and a 2, I'm mostly heterosexual and can't really imagine a relationship with a girl but I do fancy them. Girls are soft and pretty and have nice hair and curvy bits and that's very sexy. Girls make me go all strokey and cuddly and it's somehow more platonic but also quite naughty. Most of the time I'd go for men though - cocks are fun... and muscles, strength and just not being quite so soft - men are dangerous. Please don't flame me about girls having muscles - I used to leg-press over 200kgs when I rowed - I know girls have muscles too - it's just sort of different!

2. Spanking / BDSM “type” that suits you best (switch, top, masochist, grand-master-wizard, etc.):

Much as I'd like to claim to be a grandmaster wizard it's simply not true. I'm not very good at picking boxes though. To special people (the boy interest and a couple of others) I'm submissive but I'm certainly not for things like club play or group scenes - I guess then I'm a bottom. I'm not a pure masochist - all pain doesn't excite but I am masochistic (and still think a life long interest in martial arts and other tough sports was probably latent masochism coming out). However I'm also a switch - mostly when I'm feeling capricious in a fun way but I do have a thing for big eyed cute things that make me want to hit them...yum.

3. Favorite blog / site of the moment (kinky/spanking-themed):

I shall have to say Jessica as she writes hot and interesting things pretty much every day (more days than I have time to read right now :( )

4. Favorite non-kinky blog / site of the moment:

Erm I don't really read non-kinky blogs (I barely have time to read the kinky ones!) so probably Facebook as it keeps me in touch with all of my lovely friends. Or the Christmas shop section of websites like Debenhams, La Senza et al...Or maybe the BBC recipes site as I'm busy planning a dinner party...

5. Latest spanking fantasy floating in your head:

It's an interesting one. I think I have two definite modes that I go into when playing and which of these feels more comfortable influences that fantasies I have at any given time. These are 'good girl mode' which is when I'm feeling quite submissive, want to please people, don't necessarily want lots of pain unless it's to please them (so won't go out of my way to make trouble) and am generally feeling quite subby. This only comes out with people that I'm very comfortable as a lot of the banter and things are stripped away and so I have to be quite relaxed.

Then I have 'bad girl' mode where I tend to enjoy a lot more banter and battles and the emphasis of play tends to be towards punishment rather than being particularly submissive. This comes to play in group scenes that aren't generally about being particularly submissive but more about getting away with it or giving the Dom merry hell. I'm more masochistic when I'm feeling like this and a lot of the fun comes from the 'thrill of the fight' so to speak so a lot of my school, reformatory and more institutional fantasies fall into this headspace. This is also the headspace I am generally in if I'm playing with people I don't know well in clubs, the exception being when doing non-impact play like ropework or sensation play that tends to push me straight into 'good girl mode'.

So, after a long diversion my fantasies right now are more in good girl mode. I want less dungeons and resistance and more sitting at people's feet and having my hair stroked. Or being punished for my own good. I have a bit of a princess fantasy going of a princess being promised to a young prince and resisting his advances leading to interesting scenes in her sumptuous bed-chamber. He wants her to like him and respect him so won't just punish her until he breaks because he wants her to want him too. That sort of thing. All I need now is a castle...yum

6. Blogger you’d like to spank / be spanked by:

Lol I am not very good at this as there are not many dominant men's blogs that I read and know in person! So Jessica (if she's feeling toppy - otherwise she is the best fun to misbehave alongside) or Abel are probably my top candidates :)

7. Age when you lost your (consensual, adult) spanking virginity — if this has yet to happen, give us a prediction or goal!

Unless you count being regularly whacked with big sticks in martial arts classes (which you probably shouldn't!) I was 22 and it was with my boyfriend in my final year of uni. I uttered the immortal phrase "but you can't spank me, I'm the boat club captain!" This was very funny at the time. I came onto the wider scene at 23 and have been causing trouble ever since...

8. Favorite literary reference (excluding spanking stories!):

I'm not sure if this counts as a literary reference but it is probably my favourite quote:

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Ralph Vaull Starr

9. Strangest limit:

Styrofoam - it makes me feel really, really ill bizarrely.

10. Some Random Vanilla Trivia, in the grand tradition of memehood… Like, “what are you listening to right now,” or “what’s your favorite fruit,” or anything similarly banal.

The Legally Blonde Soundtrack, financial reports, raspberries :)