Thursday, 17 December 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Inspired by Jessica's post I've been having a think about what I want for Christmas. Ideally all metaphorically wrapped up in pretty paper with shiny ribbons. I have after all, mostly been a very good girl and paid the price when I'm not. Obviously I would have asked for World Peace but my friend LJ got there first so here are a few other ideas...

1. For there to be enough snow overnight to make tomorrow a snow day! It's settled a bit Santa but we're not quite there and I'd really like the day off work.

2. A special porting device so I can just pop 6 hours down the road to see the boy interest or he can come and see me. Yes I know it's only until the summer Santa but just think how much better a girl I'd be if he was able to deal with misbehaviour more frequently. There only so much you can fit into a weekend after all...

3. A proper heart in mouth scary institutional scene. With nowhere to run away too. And to be in the right headspace for it. And lots of cuddles afterwards (

4. Lots of gorgeous underwear - there are some cute silky ones at What Katie Did I'm particularly coveting Santa but so many more. A fabulous dresser and a big enough bedroom would also be very helpful.

5. To get over my recent under the weatherness. I'm sick of being banned from strenuous exercise and generally feeling tired and run down. I mean there are fit army men waiting to shout at me and make me run up hills - this is very inconvenient! This would probably also help me to loose the post birthday/Christmas cocktail belly!

6. More kinky clubbing and socialising. I love getting all dressed up and going out. I love it even more when toppy sorts abuse me and show me off.

7. Needleplay - I really want to try this, just a few ideally with a pretty design. It's just I'm needle phobic so I think it would either be a huge rush or a disaster but I'll risk it for the huge rush.

8. To go properly travelling again - backpacking somewhere exciting, staying in dodgy hostels and meeting loads of randoms. Having a loose idea of where I'm going but no set itinerary. Sleeping in a hammock. Holidays and work trips just don't cut it - I wanna be footloose again.

9. People to want to play with me. I hate pushing myself forward but it's annoying when you get left out because other people are more willing to fling themselves forward.

10. A really nice bubble bath with nice smelling things and preferably a sore bottom to soak.

11. To do a scene in a castle. Preferably with thick oak beams, stone walls and the wind wailing outside. And the boy interest looking sexy in his breeches.

12. A nice yummy sensual flogging that hurts just the right amount and leaves me aching for more.

13. More bedtime spankings because pyjamas and spankings are just the best combination ever. Plus there's that nice soporific glow. Yummy.

14. More fabulous headspacey events and play scenarios that just work and make me believe it. Preferably with some of my favourite people.

15. More space - I currently live in a really small room and it would be fab to have more space to play and entertain friends. I like having dinner parties and would like to organise more play events but just don't have space. In the space I'd also quite like my own school desk...

I promise to be very good Santa and help old ladies cross the road and not drop litter.

Hope you get lots of mince pies and carrots for Rudolph on Christmas Eve,

Rebecca xox


Paul said...

Rebecca, I hope that you get at least some of your wishes.
One point to remember, please make sure that the old ladies want to cross the road, before helping then across. WEG!
Warm hugs,

Sami said...

Rebecca, it sounds as if you have a wonderful imagination and are good enough to deserve the nice things you've wished for and naughty enough to deserve the painful ones. Have enjoyed finding your blog and hope you have a fabulous 2010 (please with some more of your ruder posts...!)