Thursday, 24 December 2009

A little bit of fabulous...

to everyone at Christmas time and into 2010 - because sometimes we all need it. For those who are unsure of where to acquire a little bit of fabulous may I recommend the following:

- Hanging out with the people you most enjoy spending time with and care about. Having friends you love is the height of fabulousness and I'm lucky to be blessed with some wonderful people who I adore - and are the centre piece in my happiness - those reading I love you all and hope to spend more time with you in 2010 being FABULOUS - because you all are, and when I'm with you I am too :)

- Ridiculously decadent chocolates, now Hotel Chocolat do mini packs you can have your little bit of fabulous for the princely sum of £2.50...

- Gorgeous implements that are as beautiful to look at as they are painful. Jack's floggers hand-turned wooden handles and Quality Control's bright jewel coloured cane handles spring to mind...

- Deliciously decadent moisturiser and bubble bath that make you smell like a rose garden or vanilla cupcake (depending upon your preference)...not to mention give you beautifully soft and spankable skin.

- Silk or satin pyjamas - be you a proper long pyjama, cami set or camisole fan these are a must for a 'good girl' bedtime spanking. The only problem can be that your boy interest may not want to pull them down! With the La Senza sale already online there is really no excuse :)

- Nice red wine (Sainsburys are doing a yummy St Emillon at half-price right now) and steak.

- Stunning and fun dressing up outfits - corsets, ballgowns, regency dresses - it is fun to feel like a princess!

- Gorgeous cupcakes. One of my flatmates has bought me an entire book of cupcake recipes and I'm planning to make spanking related cakes when I get back to London. Probably with fluffy, glittery, beautiful icing. And rude slogans/pictures!

- This one is for Jessica but wonderful cheese. The above red wine comment applies once again.

- Fabulous underwear (this should probably be for Eliane but really applies to girls with a tendency to misbehave everywhere. It can be ridiculously expensive frills from an upmarket boutique or just a cute new pair of polka dotted lacy knickers for 98p from Primark but sexy knickers = a little bit of fabulous.

- Jeans that make you feel hot. The sort that people say make you look thinner. Ideally they should not constantly fall half-way down but some men may argue that makes them more fabulous.

- For the school players amongst us pretty hair accessories and pencils with fluffy bits or lights. School role play is really the perfect excuse to let out your inner little girl and purchase the crazy stationery and hair bows that we never had as children.

- Pretty ropework with someone who knows what they're doing for the spacey fabulousness.

- Roleplay that blows your mind - here's to being a reformatory girl, orphan, captive, school girl, regency lady, medieval wench more in 2010. Because it's fun and sometimes being someone other than yourself is fabulous (not to mention sexy).

- Lollypops - so right but so wrong and soooo yummy!

- Fabulous make-up in pretty colours with fantastic packaging that makes you feel like yourself only infinitely more glamourous.

- Men in black tie or period costume because men in sexy outfits = quite big bits of fabulousness!

- Glorious cocktails, decadent picnics, intimate dinners and plenty of fizzy pink wine. As sharing drinks and food with friends always makes you feel wonderful.

- Mornings where you can just lie in bed, cuddle your duvet and relax because those rare moments of spoiling yourself are fabulous (and pretty important in maintaining your sanity and thus fabulousness!)

Enough rambling for me but wishing you all a FABULOUS Christmas xox


Paul said...

Rebecca, a wonderful post, where did you find the time.
You are quite a bit fabulous yourself.
Have a great day.
Warm hugs,

EmmaJane said...

Thanks for this sweetie!

And hope you have a lovely Christmas and all the wonderful things you deserve ;)


Anonymous said...

happy new year, love the blog xx