Sunday, 6 February 2011

More like me

Yesterday marked my first month in Australia - it certainly hasn't been plain sailing but there has been a lot of good. Am happily settled into my new flat, have met some lovely friends, joined a bookclub and work is keeping me very busy. It's really hard being so far away from family and friends, to miss exciting social events, giggling over a glass of wine or just being able to have a bit of a gossip.

But all things considered it's going pretty well. I miss the boy and still feel very sad and broken in that respect but in other ways I feel more like me than I have in a while. It's quite nice remembering that I can meet people and sort out a life for myself on my own and that actually it will all be ok. I'll miss people a lot and my heart will take a while to mend but in the meantime I'll be fine, or even better than fine.


EmmaJane said...

Very glad to hear it lovely, and please do keep up the blogging. It's great that we have twitter to share a little bit of that gossip that you miss, but blog posts are even better :)


Haron said...

My goodness, has it only been a month? It feels like you've done All the Things, and had so much happen to you!

You're doing so well, hon - keep it up.

Abel1234 said...

We're missing you too, but enjoying hearing how things are working out for you and falling into place :-)