Sunday, 24 May 2009


I have just had a text from my boy interest which included

'I've just dug out my vintage head boy pin badge'

This coupled with some of the discussions we've had over the last few days gave me that yummy half nervous, half excited feeling in my stomach. We met through a vanilla channel you see but soon discovered mutual interests when he asked why I'd referred to myself as a fallen angel and I explained. To my delight he was neither horrified nor suggested that I apply immediately for professional help but confessed that he believes in dealing firmly with young ladies. And beating them and tying them up and other good things.

We've had some rather lovely civilised dates to the theatre, nice bars and for dinner. He's bought me flowers (which makes me go all girly and happy). And we've talked quite a lot about what's hot and what's not and works for both of us, cue a few blushes on my part...though I don't think liking canes is really that odd is it? He's very good at being I really hope he is as good at being a sadistic b*stard too...I'll be quite disappointed otherwise!

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Hermione said...

Rebecca - I hope you get to see the head boy badge very soon. And no, liking canes is really quite common.

Have fun!