Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A gap in the market?

I've just returned from a rather lovely day at a spa so am feeling all floaty and lovely. They had some rather interesting treatments which included a Japanese Salt Steam room which was supposed to be particularly good for boosting the respiratory system, a tropical shower to improve circulation, an ice fountain which was apparently good for your skin (I was not convinced) and an Indian Blossom Steam Room which was supposed to deeply relax and soothe your nerves. Not to mention the rather bizarre Zen meditation room for relaxation which featured water dropping off the ceiling or the Greek Herbal Bath which didn't involve water!

This got me thinking about other treatments they might offer - what about

A sound caning to increase focus

A firm over the knee spanking in aid of posterior circulation

A nice tight hogtie to increase flexibility

A gently birching to bring colour to your cheeks

Hot waxplay to moisturise the skin

What do you think folks? Is there market mileage in the spankos spa?


EmmaJane said...

Sign me up, I'm there!!

LOL, so I guess I'm not the only one that is constantly perverting everything around me, hee hee ;)

Eliane said...

Oh yeah, I'd go. If nothing else it would be nice to be in a spa where I didn't have to worry about innappropriate stripes showing!

Graham said...

Um... in Eastern Europe (this part, anyway), they actually do whip you at the sauna. Not even joking. I haven't been yet, but I want to! (They also do even more sadistic things, such as make you jump naked in a frozen river in the middle of January - as happened to a friend of mine!)

Penfold said...

Hi there Rebecca,

just found you on Bonnies list. Cool blog,
Have you a Dom yet, or is the Gye in the last post a potential canidiate.
Im Penfold and my HOH is a fantastic gye I call Bear, come check us out,
Looking foward to your other posts

Bear and Penfold

Rebecca said...

Graham...I *knew* a holiday to Eastern Europe was on the cards for some reason ;-)

Penfold, being a very lucky girl I have various playmates but the new boy interest is shaping up to be a bit more which is nice :)