Sunday, 31 May 2009

Good pain

Have just been for a night out kinky clubbing with some lovely friends and am still slightly high and buzzy so not quite ready for sleep. Quite the opposite to how I felt a couple of hours ago after being whacked when I went all dopey and needed sugar before I could contemplate sitting in a car to go home...

Was very much what I needed after a stressful couple of days featuring (in no particular order) job crises, a swan attack, a fainting athlete, several people crying, a minor boating accident, a delayed train and a damaged corset (sob!). When I dragged myself through my front door at nine pm exhausted and in dire need of a shower I contemplated calling a rain check, but jumped in the shower and pushed myself to get on with it. An hour later clad in my favourite corset, frilly knickers, a non-existent skirt, stockings and some serious eye-make-up I was ready to go.

Had a bit of a blonde moment at the front door when I asked why people were clapping and the guy jokingly commented that they did that a lot there, I then asked if there was a show...and received a funny look and the comment 'You have been here before haven't you?' before I twigged that it was actually spanking...cue a few blushes!

Was great to see my friends, both the ones I'd expected to see and a few more (including the lovely Eliane ( who was up to no good in her schoolgirl outfit. Lots of fab outfits as usual and with a glass of wine in hand I was soon feeling much more myself. Even more so when one lovely friend (in not so lovely mode) dragged me over to a spanking bench and doled out a spanking before moving onto a flogger, strap and then the cane (which left pretty welts - yum). Then she manoeuvred me over to a cross, undid my corset, made me sit down and restrained my arms before proceeding to clamp my nipples and flog my breasts with a very ouchy little whip. As I whimpered and writhed she stroked me and told me that I was a good girl - before giving me a bit more. As the clamps came off were it not for the restraining straps I would probably have half-levitated but instead went for the wincing option, followed by a nice cuddle.

Somewhat embarrassingly I was too sore to put my corset back on straight away so flounced about topless in my tiny skirt but didn't look too out of place. Shortly after another friend decided that I needed dealing with again to keep me in line (it's a difficult job) and soon I was bent over for another spanking followed by a flogging of the 'just hard enough to make me go very spacey and happy' variety, a dose of the strap and then a couple dozen strokes of the cane. These were lighter than the earlier dose but very stingy, though definitely of the good pain variety. Being spoiled with so much play sent me into quite a spacey place, which generally means I flop in a heap and cuddle anyone in the immediate vicinity whilst sporting a slightly catatonic grin. Lots of fun - feel very lucky to have such lovely friends :)


Gorilla Bananas said...

Do you enjoy being spanked more if you've been naughty?

Eliane said...

That was the most amazing corset you had on.

EmmaJane said...

Sounds like great fun :)

Isn't getting dressed up almost the best part of it?! Everytime we go to one of ur club nights I spend ages deciding what to wear.

Rebecca said...

I like both gorilla bananas...though when I've been naughty I don't tend to be able to relax and 'enjoy' the spanking in the same way that I can when it's 'just because'.