Monday, 1 June 2009

Threats and promises...

Have just got back from dinner with a vanilla friend who knows about my proclivities (though only because my ex told him in a fit of pique) and whilst catching up we were bantering about it a bit. I commented that I had nightmares about my parallel lives running into each other at some point, and he grinned and commented that it might happen sooner than I thought, to which I reacted by asking if he wanted to come play (we had just been discussing house boys) to which his response was.

"Oh no, I'd want to deal with you - you have no idea how long you've had it coming!"

Which made me blush and change the topic quickly. Am not sure I could cope with the headfuck of someone I've known for years in a vanilla context spanking me...

I am also in trouble. Again (she says trying to sound sorry!). This time for sending my boy interest a photo of me all dressed up in my corset, stocking and non-existent skirt whilst out clubbing on Saturday. Apparently teases get dealt with...severely. He is such a lovely boy!

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