Monday, 22 June 2009

Thoughts of the week...

In which I have been very bad and not really posted.

1. If you take two days off work to party and then leave on time on your first day back to go and play with kinky friends you will be horrifically busy for the rest of the week. As in so busy you're practically oblivious to home-time passing, or alternatively raging at the clock in the quiet knowledge the rest of your mates are in a pub discussing pervery and drinking pink fizzy fine.

2. There really should be a spanking version of Stomp. I saw this for the first time this weekend and loved all the fantastic improvisation using brooms, buckets, match boxes and mugs (amongst other things) as instruments to create a musical dance spectacular. I think using the same concept to create a kinky show could prove a great success, vanilla items that could be perverted as implements used in synchronisation to create a visual and sound sensation. Just imagine - rulers, blind twizzlers, assorted utensils, shoe horns and a crew of eight tops and eight girls' bottoms applying in sequence or together - it would be quite fantastic! At one point the actors climb up onto railings and are harnessed into place as they beat assorted bins and things - this could easily be reversed by the girls climbing and being suspended and then being used as instruments themselves...all we need is a cast really.

3. Jessica is mean*. Not only did she whack poor Caroline (who very sweetly lent me a uniform for the scene) and myself for our language but she then demanded that we presented our bottoms to Abel for his approval. He decried that we hadn't been dealt with nearly severely enough and gave us another dozen each!* I was just catching my breath (and more importantly catching up on my poor neglected wine glass) when Jessica hauled me over her lap and smacked my thighs and calves for quoting another girl swearing, which is soooo not the same as doing it myself! In case you've ever wondered, being smacked on your ankles is surprisingly painful - wouldn't recommend it! I was perhaps not at my most meek following this and gave her the 'look', which is well known by most of my playmates to mean 'I may be apologising and acquiescing to you but in my head I'm whispering f*ck you'. This led to me being dragged upstairs without ceremony to be dealt with again, this time much more severely with the tawse which resulted in much duvet clutching and gasping and then some nice spacyness. Then utter mortification at the next instruction but more about that for when I am feeling more brave. Or have had wine.

4. If you play dice-y chance based games which result in you getting spanked it is not pure chance...oh is written in the stars that the implements that come up most will be the ones you like least. If you are very lucky the playmates in question will be lovely enough that this will matter less that it might.

5. There are many well-known equations. These include E=mc2, and Time=distance/speed. Another equation that should be equally well-known is 'Perverts + Wine = Pandemonium + Red Bottoms. Abel and Haron held a very fabulous party last week and I'm not going to name-check all of the lovely people who were there but the above equation sums it up pretty well. The above equation also applies well to a kinky girls history trip this weekend, which saw me getting spanked on my bare bottom in the Hellfire Caves whilst a friend guarded the passageways into the banqueting hall from various marauding children. Later the lovely Eliane played host to us for a conventional discussion of the benefits of flower pressing. Some flower pressing then ensued, including me getting switchy but not erm flower pressed myself for once!

6. I need to find my off-switch as have been doing a bit too much this week and I get very grumpy when I'm over-tired.

7. I am really very tempted to buy some new and pretty knickers for Sweet Torments on Saturday...but I shouldn't...but I should...they are all so pretty!

As you may have gathered, my thoughts are somewhat wandering. Am playing a scene I've been looking forward to tomorrow night with the boy interest - hurrah :)

* At this point I should note that Jessica is not really mean but rather lovely. I like lovely people who whack me. And when she isn't on a 'sick note' she is far naughtier than me!


Eliane said...

Oooo, buy the pretty knickers for ST. Then I get to see them too! Maybe I should go buy pretty knickers as well? Coz, you know, my 100 pairs aren't enough.
And yes, you were rather switchy on Saturday ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh I've been spanked in the Hellfire caves too - it was so much fun! Although not as funny as the statue of a woman in the Banqueting Hall who was 'badly in need of a brazilian'...

Sounds like you've had a lovely few days :-)


Angie said...

You can really never have enough pretty undies... and besides, you will get a chance to show them off.

Jessica said...

Yes get some new knickers - then I can rip them off you on Saturday.

Wow, can't wait till the end of the medical note! Except by then, I'll have forgotten how to be sub :(

Rebecca said...

Hmmmm...stopping trip beckons on Saturday morning me thinks!...