Wednesday, 3 June 2009

House Shenanigans

Mmmmm joys of living in a kinky house. Banter over a house dinner to celebrate my new job quickly turned to kinks and jinks (as it always does) which led to me professing a desire to do more rope and another flatmate commenting that she should practice. One thing led to another and soon she had her ropes out and proceeded to truss me up like a turkey (only sexier...I hope!).

The dialogue went something like this.

Her: "Open, hold."

I took the rope in my teeth.

Her "Is that tight?"

Me "Mmmm."

Her "Not tight enough!" which was swiftly followed by a yank of the rope which felt as though it was connecting my mouth to my feet. She's actually very good and succeeded in putting me into some sort of Japanese Kabuku chest harness, tied my feet together and then attached them to my ponytail. Before sitting on me and tickling me as I wriggled and dribbled a bit through my rope gag.

All in an evenings fun really :)


EmmaJane said...

Am more than slightly jealous!

Sitting here oppostire my flatmate making sure she doesn't see my laptop screen *SIGH*

(Congrats on new job btw!)

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

"Eeeek!" being tickled would be more painful then any thrashing...for

Sounds like you had a veery Mmmm! time though...

Karen x

Haron said...

Ah, very nice. Tying things to ponytails has never occurred to me!