Monday, 2 November 2009

All roped up and nowhere to go...

I am away from home, jetlagged and struggling with the kinky blogging - which is a shame because a few half-formed ideas are so hot they virtually beg to be put down on paper. It's frustrating but these trips seem to either inspire a train of filth or leave me high and dry.

What I have been thinking about is rope and the yummy associated spaceyness. Not to mention the snug and safe feeling when it is nice rope. Rope has the ability to make me very compliant and well behaved. On the weekend of the guinea pig incident (sniggers) the boy interest and I were playing around with some new rope and I was being a very good girl indeed - docilely raising this hand or that and standing still while he did pretty things. It was fun. I also got to do some lovely rope work out clubbing last weekend and there are lots of subsequent happy-Rebecca photos of me in a happy, safe, restrained place. All you need to add is the boy interest and a bit of hair stroking and I'm in 7th heaven...though lots of yummy whacking and abuse does that too. Seriously people though - comfy rope - it's the way forward (or upside down/back to front...)

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