Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dirty minds and dark thoughts

So I am off on my travels again with work. Rather dodgy hotel and my boss is driving me absolutely insane (I can cope for 8 hours a day but 24 is threatening my sanity!). However I have seen a few signs that made me snigger...

'HORN PLEASE' is plastered all over the cars and vans here. Am feeling a slightly sex starved so I know exactly what they mean...

There are also 'STDS @50p/min' on offer, which is more than a little bizarre. 50ps here is less than 1p in the UK. I'm pretty sure it must be some sort of telecoms or something but it's a bit odd seeing it on banners all over the place!

Aaaannnyway, it's not been the smoothest of trips thus far. I ordered fresh cut fruit this evening and it came coated in curry powder - eewwww! One thing I find is that the more stressed and bizarre I am feeling the darker my dreams get. I am less interested in nice good-girl spankings or sweet scenes and want something darker, almost more elemental. When I feel like this the vision is invariably inclusive of stormy weather, or cliffs or heavy metal chains.

I'm a girl in a terribly abusive workhouse, complete with obstinate streak that ensures I'm always in trouble despite being beaten until I cry on a regular basis.
Or harsh punishments for real life stuff that I'd really hate.
I'm a girl locked in the dungeons of a medieval castle at the whim of my father's enemy who really, truly wants to hurt me (but stops short of permanent damage - honour and all that).
I'm at a terribly cruel finishing school where I'm regularly punished and humiliated for my own good.

All the types of scenes that are generally not my first pick. So it's a bit strange when I find myself craving this sort of scene, scenes where I break and have no control over the situation. We all have our dark sides and it's interesting what they bring out, even if I'm not too sure where I'll go with it...


Jessica said...

Hang on, we are doing number 1 at the end of the month! Just contain yourself in patience!

Aaran Aardvark said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts Rebecca, I too have dark thoughts and would like to speak to you about them in more detail. I have a particular taste for institutional situations where the scenarios range from routine humiliation to carefully engineered and customised torture. My imagination is consumed with such images and fantasies so it was very interesting to read about your own dark thoughts in your blog.

Thanks for that