Monday, 31 August 2009


It has been a bit of a playtastic weekend (she says with a smile). On Friday evening the boy interest and some other friends of ours went to the London Munch. I was wearing a very short skirt, though not the shortest one I own. To prove that it was short Jessica and the boy interest started slapping the fronts of my thighs in the busy pub and this somehow morphed into a competition to see who could leave the best handprint. Sadly they were both trounced by another good friend, Lady Emma who won 'hands down' with this rather impressive print!

Things went downhill from there (or uphill in the case of my skirt). An acquaintance of Jessica's then proceeded to beat me across the bottom with his walking stick, though thankfully not very hard. He then commented on the marks on my thighs and the boy interest chivalrously demanded that I give him some 'fresh flesh'. This led to me standing blushing furiously in the pub as the random man ordered me to spread my thighs and then smacked the insides really hard. Then the boy interest smacked me again for good measure. The marks are rather impressive - lots of fingerprints. Let's hope they're gone by the time I go on holiday next week!

The boy interest and I staggered home (this was accompanied by much moaning over sore feet from me) and were very pleased that my school skirt had arrived. I tried it on and he spanked me pretty hard, I think this may have been for being a bit late for dinner but don't actually remember (ahem!). The skirt is very cute though. Then we cuddled up and did some other things, all a good start to my much needed three day weekend. More about the rest of the weekend later...


Anonymous said...

I hope the marks are gone before your holiday! I like a mark or two myself, but hate when the swimsuit doesn't cover them up from public eyes.

Paul said...

Rebecca, good to know that your week end got off to a good start.
Looking forward to reading your further adventures.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

Me too - if not I will just have to pass it off on being a clumsy so and so. It's a bit of a shock how much more easily thighs bruise than bottoms though. Quite nice in a bizarre way - I miss being sensitive enough to get actual finger prints on my bottom!