Sunday, 2 August 2009

Meet Dorothea...

Jessica recently posted about plotting for Lord Fawcett's annual house party, for which she is the glamourous hostess. I am very excited to be attending as last year was a really incredible experience. She has posted about her character, Mrs Juliet Derby so I thought I would post about mine, not least because I am travelling with work again and sitting in a very dodgy hotel with jetlag so not feeling too creative!

Last year I was a very highly ranked Lady, who also had a lot of money and managed to be both American, so educated at one of their progressive universities and next in line for an Earldom. This year I have decided to create a character that is less highly ranked and also a little less controversial. So meet Dorothea...or in full The Honourable Miss Dorothea Latimer

Dorothea is the only daughter of Lord Augustus Latimer, the Baron of Radcliffe. Whilst the family is not terribly powerful, the Latimers are extremely rich. Dorothea’s grandfather invested heavily in trade with the Far East, importing silks, cotton and spices that delighted London’s fashionable crowd. Her father is hoping that this wealth will secure a match for Dorothea with a suitably titled gentleman to enhance the family’s prestige.

Dorothea is naturally vivacious and of an excitable disposition. A talented harpist, she also loves to dance and attend the theatre (only suitable titles for a young lady of course). She enjoys a generous allowance and frequents the most fashionable new arcades and boutiques in search of the latest styles. Dorothea is also heavily involved in the Benevolent Ladies Association headed by Mrs Drummond Burrel and recently coordinated a project which knitted five hundred pairs of socks for poor orphans. Largely ignored by her father, she is the apple of her Grandfather’s eye and enchanted by his tales of distant lands.

Dorothea’s mother passed away giving birth to her fourth brother Charles when she was four. As the only girl Dorothea’s education has largely mirrored that of her brothers, meaning that she can sometimes be prone to unladylike behaviour. Her father has recently secured the services of a Governess to prepare Dorothea for coming out later this summer, as it would not do for people to whisper that she was badly brought up. On the whole Dorothea is sweet and mild mannered but she can be somewhat outspoken and prone to outlandish thoughts, though she is learning the consequences of this can be painful.

Dorothea is honoured to have been invited to Lord Fawcett’s House Party, and well aware that she must be on her best behaviour to attract a suitable match. To this end her grandfather has asked his friend Mrs Derby to act as her chaperone, feeling that Dorothea would enjoy her tales of the Americas and relate more ably to a younger and forward-looking chaperone. Dorothea is greatly looking forward to meeting the other guests, especially the young gentlemen.


Paul said...

Rebecca, I hope that Dorothea has a brilliant time, and returns home with a very well seen to bottom. :D
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

Paul, given that I'm chaperoning Dorothea, I'm hoping to have an easy time of it, so I can concentrate on seducing the gentlemen. Somehow, given Rebecca's natural demenour, I'm inclined to think that your thought is rather more likely!

Rebecca said...

I protest I'm an angel really...