Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What's in a name

As a kinky girl who likes to indulge in a little role-play with her slap, slap harder and please don't tickle I sometimes face something of a challenge in coming up with names. This weekend was no exception, after a stressful week I'd failed to email details of my character for the reformatory to my playmates (insert note - bad Rebecca) because I hadn't had the kink energy to come up with someone. The problem being that I already have a reformatory character that I love - but she is really not stupid enough to get sent to the reformatory for a 4th time. I came up with one name and then realised that I'd already used that name and got rather confused. As many of my friends also have multiple identities I also can't use their names and it really gets very complicated at times. Especially when you add real names into the mix...

So who are my various alter-egos?

Rebecca Williams:

Rebecca is my school play character and sort of invented herself when a couple of years ago on short notice I decided to be brave and to to Lowewood Academy for the first time. Rebecca is probably one of my more developed characters and unlike me at school is not overly bothered about anything but also isn't overly badly behaved (as a real schoolgirl I went all night clubbing on school nights, blackmailed the deputy head and almost got arrested on a school trip to Germany so total mayhem isn't that novel). She is just a bit gobby and often rather disinterested in lessons which doesn't always go down too well.

When I first came onto 'the scene' I also introduced myself as Rebecca at Hades and a couple of other club nights before deciding that I might as well use my real name. So Rebecca was an obvious identity for this blog when it started.

Rebecca also occasionally comes out to play as a medieval inn keepers daughter who gets horribly abused by the Lord of the Manor (and loves every minute of it whilst struggling and kicking up a great fuss).

Cassie Abbotts:

For those that used to read Lowewood Academy Cassie was my blog character. Cassie came about because when I auditioned for the blog I didn't want people (many of the writers were already friends) to know that it was me and so created another name. Cassie as a character was also different to Rebecca in many ways. Whilst as school days we can't all be extreme all the time in the blog you needed quite distinctive character traits. In many ways Cassie is closer to me as a person than Rebecca - writing about things you understand and places you've been is easier and produces more realistic scenarios and so it wasn't incidental that Cassie had some of the adventures that she did. Writing Cassie was a lot of fun but she was primarily a fictional character, although I have played as her on occasion and it's fun as she takes few prisoners. The problem being by the time she emerged Rebecca had already slotted into school days and made friends I felt it would be odd to suddenly play someone else.

Tessie Blackmore:

Tessie is my main reformatory character and one of my favourite characters to play. Tessie hates authority but is half accepting of the reformatory and just wants to get it over and done with. Tessie is the leader of a gang of thieves and urchins and got dobbed in by a rival, who she will probably kick the sh*t out of upon escaping the reformatory. In a later play she had attempted to hijack a ship in order to go and find her father who was deported when she was four. The hijack was a great success but unfortunately her gang made better pirates than sailors! Tessie is bright but uneducated and has no interest in a 'straight' occupation. Attempting to run away, stoicism and generally wrecking havoc are Tessie's favourite past times.

Lady Henrietta:

Aka Hetta was my first regency character. Henrietta was born in America and educated at one of the first female universities so is extremely outspoken. Until her parents died she was unaware that she was in fact the grand daughter of the Earl of Charnwood. Following his son's death he recalled her to England (and was somewhat shocked that she travelled there via Paris and Rome) but was horrified to discover that she was fiercely independent, managing her parents business and not the gentle manipulable flower that he had hoped for. Hetta is fun but the period correct women's lib can be quite challenging. One of her finest moments was possibly wrestling a gun from the hands of an intruder. Surprisingly Henrietta does enjoy needlework!


Is my new, somewhat more mellow regency character for this year. Sweeter and more mellow and being educated by the formidable Miss Anstruthers, her full profile is here

Millie Blackstock:

Millie was a factory girl character that I created for a play with Jessica in which we were threatening a strike unless we got better working conditions. Millie and her counterpart unfortunately created a bit of a stalemate with the overseer in that they were mostly right...

Molly Cranleigh:

Was my new reformatory character, an eighteen year old who attempted to stow away on a ship in order to avoid marriage to the baker's son. Her father owned a general shop. Molly was quite nervous in the reformatory and ended up pretty much agreeing to work at her fellow inmate's 'lodging house' in order to earn her passage to New York.


Was a harem girl character who was not generally too keen on being in a harem so a bit of a handful (not that being a bit of a handful is characteristic of me at play at all...)

Posie Locke:

Posie came into being with an ex-boyfriend who wanted to try a play in which I was a bit younger (I don't really go younger than 16) and so Posie was 12 and a 40s girl and very sweet and shy. It was quite fun but as ageplay isn't a big thing for me isn't a character that I've really explored.

You see it's very difficult because when you create a character the name has to 'feel' right and I'm begining to run out of names...


Graham said...

See, I'm not sure what I admire more - your imagination, or your ability to keep track of all those different identities!

Can we be in a scene together sometime, please?

Jessica said...

I tend to go for flowery names - I have various Roses, Lily's, Violet's and Daisy's.

I'm a maid at heart! Anyway, at the last count I had over 15 different characters, so don't worry about it. Wait until you are 40!!!