Thursday, 9 July 2009

Cruising for a bruising...

In which Rebecca goes to 'school'...or rather an exceedingly tedious work training course. Six delegates, one warm classroom and a woman who seemed determined to repeat things about six million times, whilst simultaneously not covering anything useful. I was quite good in the morning, took notes to stop myself nodding off and asked questions but by the afternoon I'd had enough and soon found myself mirroring the typical 'I'm bored and want to go home' behaviours I displayed through school and university:
  • Glaring when anyone asked the woman a question - didn't they want to go home on time?
  • Being exceedingly sarcastic when we finally got to do an exercise and it didn't work.
  • Nodding continuously whilst looking completely blank.
  • Playing with my iPhone in a not at all discreet way.
  • Looking at the time every 30 seconds during the entire half hour the course ran over by.
  • When she asked if there were any questions vigourously shaking my head, repeating this when she asked if there was anything else we needed to know and then nodding extremely vigourously when she asked if we wanted to go home.
  • Complaining bitterly about how much talking there was and it running late to everyone else on the way out...
I do feel slightly ashamed but it was seriously dull. Training lady if you're reading this I'm sorry but seriously you can't talk at me for 8 solid hours with only one functional exercise - I was digging my nails into my wrists and still almost falling asleep. If it's any consolation I'm sure I'll get my comeuppance at some point!


In which Rebecca almost causes a traffic accident. I was actually being very good and off on a run to train for my half marathon (am remembering just how far thirteen miles is :( ). The running shorts were quite small but not my smallest (best saved for thin days in a gym) and I was wearing a baggy t-shirt so all in all quite decent. Suddenly a coach slows down, beeeepps it's horn and the guy leans out of the window and gives me a thumbs up, causing the car behind him to beep because he almost went into the back of the coach. Rebecca stares at her trainers and jogs on, relieved when they both disappear down the road.

Unfortunately I then caught up with them at the traffic lights and the coach man honks his horn, gives me two thumbs up and shouts 'nice arse luv' (in case you were wondering he wasn't my lover). Sadly the lights change to green during this altercation, causing the driver behind him to beep again and give me serious evils....Rather embarrassing but I suppose at least no one got hurt. I think I'll just make a mental note to consign the really tiny shorts to the back of my wardrobe in case the pervy coach man makes another appearance...

The lovely Eliane wrote about our little shopping trip last weekend and it being convenient to take along a friend with some topping ability. Sadly the boy interest did not approve of me being too toppy and is insisting that he's going to give me a taste of my new toy to remind me of my place...


Last night the boy interest and I had dinner with two lovely kinky friends, which ended up in the poor Jessica and myself being turned over the boys laps for a spanking dice game. I should possibly add at this point that I'd already been whacked with a chopping board and wooden spoon before dinner (possibly just for being me). Jessica and I got a bit silly and thought it would be clever to hide upstairs when sent in search of a crop and cane - we actually only wasted about three minutes and nothing was said so I thought nothing of it...until the boy interest got me home and said he's going to deal with me tomorrow not only for being cheeky and disobedient - aaargh!

I think I just may be in trouble :-$


Eliane said...

Tee hee, like how your helpfulness to me at LAM got you into trouble.
No need to thank me :-D

Graham said...

yay for being in trouble!

Jessica said...

All I can say is mwahahahahah.

That's the problem with new doms. I got away with it - HWMBO never notices anything or remembers anything!

I hope it hurts ;)

Rebecca said...

Jessica that's just mean :-p

Paul said...

Rebecca, I remember courses like that, the secret is to keep them short, interesting and entertaining.
Step warily with new Doms, you never know what to expect.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

Isn't it a pity that training courses are so politically correct that they can't employ good old Victorian corporal punishment 'cause you sound like you were just asking to be ordered up to teachers desk ...

World's best Spanking Blogs said...

Hi Rebecca,

Just to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed discovering and reading your excellent blog and that we are now syndicating your blog on our site

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If you would like to link back to us it would be nice.

Rebecca said...

Gosh wow that's fantastic - I will link back to you :)

Indy said...

I generally just fantasize about being spanked during those times at work. Not by anyone in the room of boring people, though. Yuck!