Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Pushing my luck

Is a habit of mine, and long may it reign. I don't want to become some sort of obedient doll who never questions, never teases or always does what it's told. I don't want to stop doing silly things like jumping in fountains, drinking too many cocktails, dancing on bars on holiday, misbehaving in playgrounds - all of that good stuff that makes you feel sparkly, happy and a little bit like there should be some sort of funky soundtrack playing!

Even so, I'm well aware that sometimes I push it a bit far, generally as a result of getting all over-excited and hyperactive and forgetting to think. In all honesty I'm a bit of a handful and accept that sometimes I deserve to be punished for it. More than that I actually need to dealt with because it gives me a sort of tranquility that everything is right in the world (when it's over - not when I'm bawling my eyes out). I wouldn't put up with someone who tried to punish me into long-term good behaviour though...ultimately it would lead to resentment and some hideous battles of wills, which I might win and then where would I be?

All of this can be a bit of a problem when it comes to attracting suitable boys...Suitable meaning the ones that don't take themselves deadly seriously and are overcome by a burning urge to spank me for every smart remark (they'd not have a minute left to breathe and I'd be permanently standing) but are strong enough to say 'NO' when I'm pushing it a bit far. For some reason I seem to scare a lot of boys (something about the backpacking, full contact kickboxing, career girl thing - I'm really all pink and fluffy!) and that's just not sexy.

The boy interest put down his foot on Sunday...I was being very cheeky and teasing him and soon found myself upended for a good spanking...followed by the strap, quite a lot of slapping about, a crop, flogger and some ouchy clamps. Horrible lovely boy. We fell in a heap a couple of hours later, feeling very played out. I was apologetic and back in good girl territory and he was very pleased with himself for having gauged it just right...after all, a few spanks wouldn't have earned him nearly that much peace and quiet ;-)


Eliane said...

Oh, Well Done, boy interest!
Here's to pushing your luck and being called on it :-D

Paul said...

Rebecca, isn't that what makes life interesting.
It's not always easy to get it just right specially when you're new to each other.
Warm hugs,