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The Lowewood post that wasn't...

Inspired by Faye's recent posting of a Lowewood post that she didn't use I thought I would post one of mine that never made it onto the blog. Unlike Faye it wasn't because I couldn't make it fit but because it was pulled. To put the post into context it was written to go up the day after William and Roderick busted the Halloween party in the woods and succeeded in bribing Cassie and Sera to attend to them in return for not dropping the entire lower sixth in it with the teachers.

Over drinks a few of us had discussed the post, and decided that it would include blow-jobs and be pretty dark. That posed a challenge for me because Cassie wasn't a dark character (at that stage she was mostly found swinging through windows and collapsing cakes) and I hadn't written that sort of post before. Once I got writing I discovered another hurdle - there was no was that Cassie as a character would just sweetly decide to go down on De Lacey (their brief flirtation having ended with Cassie choosing Simon over him). However that's what we'd discussed was going to happen and so I found myself going down a very dark road indeed and writing something extremely dark that made somewhat uncomfortable reading.

However, I was pleased with it - it was dark, which had been my aim and pretty true to the characters I felt. So I was more than a little angry when it got replaced by a post from Mr S inferring that Cassie and Sera were happily getting it on with William and Roderick and nobody told me until it was too late to input. Some fairly heated discussions about whether or not it was a rape and the levels of misogyny in the post. I calmed down enough to redraft my post for the following week to fit in with the new post only to find another post on a spare day landing Cassie and Sera with a caning and Headmasters report, leading to another redraft and pique of upset and fury on my part because I'd been trying to keep Cassie out of too much 'official' trouble and nobody had told me that the post was happening. In the end we all moved on but it was a very stressful week or two.

Retrospectively it was far too dark for the blog, which was after all focused on school scenes, making that level of language and non-consent inappropriate. The poor editors faced a difficult job dealing with writer's egos whilst keeping the blog ticking over for the readers. At that point in time posts were due in 9pm the night before (that particular one was sent at 6.25pm) and there could hardly be a 'hold the date whilst the writing team debate content' message so the post didn't go up. Lack of time for rewrites was one of the difficult things - at the time I was insistent that the post could be salvaged, and it could have been with time but as the editors pointed out that was the one thing we didn't have. God knows how they coped with it all - that was my only major posting trauma but I know there were others with various characters along the way. Patience of saints is all that I can say...

It did make me nervous about writing darker posts - to the point I made it clear that I didn't want to write a prefect's council post this year in case I cocked it up again. Instead I wrote the orgy post, which was equally difficult as steamy scenes are something I find very hard to write. Thankfully that wasn't pulled :)

Still, as a stand-alone 'out-cut' I thought that people might like to read the Halloween post. Bear in mind that this was set in October 2008 when Cassie and Sera had thrown a Halloween party in the woods and been busted by William and Roderick who they hadn't invited. Cassie had been briefly romanced by William the previous summer but chosen Simon Hopkins (he of the naked river dance fame) over him, which didn't go down so well with William. This post was prior to some of the issues that came out later in the year when Cassie and Sera were still both pretty young and innocent (in some respects anyway!).


Trick or Treat…

“Just one more before we go?” I looked at Sera pleadingly.

“I’ve had enough but you go ahead” she sighed and raised the bottle to pour me another shot. I really wasn’t sure I could go through with this; William was a nob and would be all too delighted to get his revenge on me for rejecting his advances. Roderick was a junior nob, or a ‘NIT- nob in training’ and equally obnoxious. I voiced this to Sera and we sort of half giggled, it didn’t seem quite as funny as it would have done under other circumstances.

“I think I’m going to be sick, are we actually going through with this?” I whispered. We were both standing outside William’s door but neither of us could quite find the will to knock.

“For God’s sake don’t vom now, though I’d love to see William’s face if you spewed all over his shoes. I don’t th…”

At that point the door opened to frame a smirking William.

“Why ladies, why the hesitation, do come in” he drawled before taking a step forward, twisting my wrist back on itself and propelling me through the door and onto Harry’s bed. I shuddered, remembering last time I’d been here.

“Welcome to our party girls, why don’t you let me pour you a drink?” Roderick said with a smile, which somehow made him look even more unpalatable. I just nodded then gasped as William yanked my hair to pull my head back and then whispered

“Haven’t they taught you please and thank you yet Cassandra? I don’t blame you for wanting a little Dutch courage…you’re going to need it. What about you Townsend, fancy one of our cocktails?” There was a particular emphasis on the word ‘cock’ which made me nervous.

“You can keep those to yourself William, I’ll pass.”

“Your choice, I just hope you don’t regret it later.”

I have to say it wasn’t much of a party. Sera and I sat holding hands on Harry’s bed whilst the pair of them did a bizarre double-act extolling what a wonderful party it was and how delightful the company. I necked that cocktail and decided against requesting another, my head was swimming and I just wanted them to do whatever they had in their twisted minds and get out of there.

“Now, we thought we could play a little game of ‘trick or treat’ with you girls, won’t that be fun.” William said smiling evilly and I gulped, suddenly getting on with it didn’t seem so attractive.

“Naturally, this will be a treat for us, and a trick, or even possibly a bit of a trial for you two.” Roderick added.

“Now let’s get those dresses off shall we, wouldn’t want you getting too hot, we’re not in the woods tonight after all, are we?”

“No fucking way you tosser, I won’t do it.” There was no way I was getting my kit off in front of those lecherous bastards, just no way. Sera stood silently beside me and William stepped towards me.

“Are you absolutely sure you don’t want to play Cassie” he said, stroking my face and I shuddered.

“I’m not taking my clothes off, end of story, you can whack us if that gets your sorry rocks off but no.” I wasn’t sure whether it was my fight kicking back in or the booze talking. William nodded to Roderick and suddenly he had both my arms pinned behind my back.

“Wrong answer I’m afraid” William whispered, pulling a knife from his pocket. As I opened my mouth to scream Roderick clamped his hand over it as William slowly and deliberately cut my dress from neck to hem. I stood very still as he ran the knife from my tummy upwards and cut my bra between the cups.

“For arguing, you stupid tart. Now, are you going to play or not?” he asked turning to Sera. She’d already got her dress halfway over her head and stood arms crossed looking as if she might be about to burst into tears.

“Well you may be common but at least understand your place in these things, nice rack too, I think you can take your bra off as well. Lovely, the next game is going to be a variation of ‘pin the tale on the donkey’ that I like to call ‘spank the ass off the slut’”

Roderick let go off my arms and William sat down on his bed and tugged me over his lap and my knickers to my knees.

“If they think it’s clever to dress like slappers for their little friends let’s see if we can make them real ‘scarlet ladies’ Roddy” he said with a laugh and began to spank me. Hard, really hard I thought as I clenched my fists around the duvet, pointed my toes and willed myself not to squeal. I could hear Sera sobbing from across the room as Roderick doled out the same treatment.

“You Abbotts are just far too stubborn, but you’re not going to win this one because I can do exactly what I like to you and you’ll take it to protect your little friends. Maybe I’ll fuck you, I’d enjoy telling Hopkins about that.” He whispered, then trapped my thighs between his and mashed my head down into the covers. I tried to fight him but he had me pinned, I was vaguely aware that Roderick had stopped as I could hear Sera’s sniffles.

“Go on, make the little slut cry,” he hissed from the other side of the room and about thirty seconds later I did. Mostly because William was right, we were just going to have to take it, and I felt completely helpless to stop it.

I lay over William’s lap sobbing quietly and clenched my thighs as he tried to slide his hand between them. He slapped the backs of my legs hard making me kick and letting him get his hand in.

“Don’t fight,” he whispered as I started to cry again as he stroked my pussy. Biting my lip I did just that. William wasn’t my boyfriend- I hated him and I sobbed because it was still turning me on. As he teased my clit I was getting wet and only thinking of very unsexy things like the idea of Mrs Maker and Dr Higgins snogging stopped me from moaning. Then he stopped whispered “slut” in my ear and shoved me off his lap and onto the floor.

“I think the girls might like to console each other after their spanking, don’t you Roddy?” William asked.

“I’m sure they would, and if they wouldn’t, we certainly would enjoy it. Give each other a little cuddle girls.” Roderick demanded.

Sera and I stood looking at each other. She was a state with mascara smeared all over her face and I knew I must look just as bad but that wasn’t what stopped me giving her a hug. Neither of us were wearing anything except for our stockings and it was just too weird, I didn’t really know where to look.

“They obviously need a little encouragement” William laughed and whacked me across the bottom with what felt like a strap. Roderick was standing behind Sera with a small paddle and followed his brother’s lead and soon the pair of us were front to front because there wasn’t really anywhere else to go.

“That’s more like it now touch each other properly you little slags” Roderick ordered. I looked at Sera and tentatively put my arms around her shoulders in a hug. Then we both broke into hysterical tears. The whole thing was just so horrible and humiliating I couldn’t help crying, and neither could Sera so we just stood there hugging and crying.

“For God’s sake, you girls are worse than useless, it’s supposed to be sexy you twats” Roderick started slamming the paddle into my ass in frustration which just bought on a fresh flood of tears. He might think it was supposed to be sexy but I’d never felt less sexy in my life.

“I can think of something sexier, this is a waste of time” William growled and grabbed my hair forcing me onto the floor in front of him. I tried to calm down as he fumbled about but suddenly found his cock in my face.

“Open” he demanded pushing it against my lips as I shook my head.

“Do you want the whole school knowing it was you two that got them caught over your little party? I could tell them what a slut you are too, you were dripping over my knee a minute ago, or that you and Townsend are lesbian lovers, would you like that? Now open”

Miserably I opened my mouth and couldn’t help thinking that if he did ever tell anyone at least I could tell the world what a small dick he had. I half-heartedly started getting him off but did as little as I could. Sera was gagging on the other side of the room and I winced, this wasn’t what she deserved for her first time. William grabbed my tits and squeezed then started twisting my nipples between his fingers and I half squealed, half chocked on his cock.

“Don’t just sit there, I know you know what to do- Hopkins has been bragging about it” That did make me cry again because I couldn’t believe he’d tell William of all people. Automatically I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock and flicking at the underside with his tongue, maybe if he liked it he’d let us go. I could feel him swelling in my mouth and increased the speed, swirling my tongue round his head, anything to make it stop.

He didn’t last long. Suddenly he pushed me away, frantically wanked himself a couple of times and then came all over my chest. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so just sort of looked at him. I grabbed the nearest thing to clean myself up, then realised it was my ruined dress and that set me off again. Behind me I could hear Sera muttering “gross” and spitting between sobs and reached back for her hand.

William managed to get up and stood over the pair of us, cock still hanging out of his trousers.

“That wanker Mallinson will be back soon so sadly we’ll have to bring the party to an early close. I think six with the strap each and maybe you’ll have learnt your lesson. Let’s have you first Abbotts, kneel on my bed with your knees wide apart, Townsend, you can go sit on Roddy’s lap and wait your turn.” William ordered and I moved mechanically over to his bed, kneeling up, knowing full well he could see everything.

I was really sore already so even the first one made me yelp but compared to the rest of the evening this was familiar territory. William’s aim wasn’t that great and he managed to get the back of my thighs but his power wasn’t that good either so it wasn’t complete agony. Just knowing it was almost over made it bearable.

I got up, thanked William whilst mentally crossing my fingers behind my back, then sat on his lap and buried my head in his shoulder so I didn’t have to watch Sera get hers. She was a lot more vocal than me but I was distracted by William’s mutterings.

“Just remember Cassie, no one turns me down and gets away with it. If you think this is bad bitch just wait for next time, you can’t keep running forever.”

I thought of William running and smirked, he was almost as slow as Pippa Beaumont, so maybe he couldn’t keep running but I could. As long as Simon didn’t find out it would be fine, I hadn’t really cheated, William had made me and that’s different. Roderick had finished with Sera and I could see why she’d been shrieking- three of the strokes were nowhere near her bottom.

“Now get out of here you little harlots, and if there’s another party we better be invited.” Roderick sneered. Sera pulled her dress back on and I suddenly realised mine was cut to shreds and covered in cum and looked pleadingly at William, surely he’d lend me something?

“No chance, you better hope you don’t run into Mallinson on his way home hadn’t you, I think you’re on his shit list already Abbotts.”

My bottom lip was wobbling and I was dangerously close to another batch of tears. Sera squeezed my hand

“I’ll check it’s clear then you can run to the bathroom and I’ll bring your dressing gown. I think we’re both going to need long showers after being around this filth anyway.”

I had three showers one after another and still didn’t feel as if I was properly clean. William’s words kept going around in my head ‘slag, slut and all the rest’ and I felt completely drained, just empty. I wasn’t sure I was going to feel clean again for a long time.


Pretty heavy stuff really...


Paul said...

Rebecca, you write well, but....
I really wonder what the horrible vermin family were doing in a *nice* place like Lowewood.
Good thing that Cassie and Sara were resilient types.
Thanks for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Graham said...

Oh, snap. Intense post and very well done, but I'm glad Cassie and Sera were spared this. (Yes, I swear I understand they're fictional! But still.)

Jessica said...

Speaking from the editing team - one of the major issues we had at lowewood was when we 'interfered' with the writers vision. But we did have guidelines. And as Bex has correctly pointed out here, had we been given sufficient time, we could have salvaged the post, but unfortunately, she wasn't available that evening, so the editorial team had to make a decision. That is certainly one of the things I won't miss about Lowewood - I enjoy a dark post in the right context but in this case, it didn't 'fit' with Lowewood, which had two strict rules - that sexual activitiy either had to be consensual or the character had to be seen to be agreeing - and that misogony of any kind was totally unacceptable - both lines that were crossed in this post. All part of the daily traumas of editing!

Indy said...

I tried to find the post you had used instead but the posts from Oct. 17-Nov 4 seem to have been deleted. Oh well.

I'm so glad Cassie slugged him in the end-- and especially that everybody found out about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

from sir homejame.. never never liked the de laceys at all -even as 'characters' they stunk -talk about lowering the tone of vermin - even rats wouldve crossed the street. very glad this never got used.- vile absolutely vile.