Friday, 24 July 2009

F*ck you very much...

Someone is cruising for a bruising and for once it's not me. Having survived a rather interesting week I decided to go for a swim before dinner and trundled merrily up to the pool. I spent sixty lengths (it's a very small pool) dodging four extremely irritating teenage boys who appeared to be permeanently stationary except when deliberately getting in my way - they would sit there and then suddenly launch themselves in front of me mid-length. This was very annoying but I did manage to 'accidentally' kick two of them which went some way towards compensating for the annoyance.

Still, having bashed up and down for about forty minutes I was feeling refreshed, until I got into my bathroom to discover that the hotel staff (who had thus far been impeccable) had for some reason neglected to leave any towels - which is bizarre as I've had about lots until today. I phoned the reception and politely asked for one. Thirty minutes later no towel. I phoned housekeeping directly and asked for one quite nicely. Fifteen minutes later no towel and a very grumpy Rebecca. I phoned reception again and asked for one somewhat less politely - two minutes later apologetic man arrives with four, and becomes even more apologetic when I answer the door in my bikini and goosebumps.

In my mind it was all a grand plot - the boys at the pool had bribed a maid to remove my towels (probably because I kept giving them evils when they jumped on me). I can only hope that the hotel manager discovered this plot and gave her a good hiding, and that the pool staff reported to the boys' fathers that they had been behaving so badly and they got thrashed in case you are wondering I'm not in the best of moods today!

To be honest the pool boys and the towels aren't that big a deal. Even that I barely got a thank you for running around after thirty people all week whilst suffering from the flu isn't that big a deal - I'm getting paid and have a beautiful room with a bed big enough for at least four Rebeccas and lots of yummy meals. Being fairly recently of university this is a bit of a treat. I have some cool pressies for my friends and flatmates too, which is nice. No spankings (which may have contributed towards my grumpiness) but you can't have everything...Actually in Bangkok you probably can but am not sure it would be wise to go looking!

What has really f*cked me off today is that two people who I thought were really good friends have badly let me down. Friends for whom I've dropped everything to pick up the pieces when things go wrong, listened to their problems, tried to find nice ways to cheer them up and organised things around what suits them. So I'm feeling pretty upset. It's not that I expect anything in return but it would be nice if they could at least not screw me over because something else has come along.

That's the thing - I try so hard to be nice to people and to be there for them when they need me - I'm a girl's girl who will drop dates to be there with chocolate, wine and a sympathetic ear; or for a drunken night out when friends need me. No questions asked - that's what friends do. So it hurts a lot when people who I think are good friends treat me like that. I have a lot of friends and love meeting new people but only have few that I feel really close to. Probably because at the end of the day those are the ones who can hurt you - and who wants to get hurt?

So for today no more nice girl - may they be visited with thrashings of the not nice variety. Or at least may I not be stupid enough to blow other people out or in fact just lose sleep to look after them next they have a crisis.


Anonymous said...

Am sending you some good vibes, lovely girl xxx.

Eliane said...

Oh sweetie, don't know what's happened, but am sending you lots of virtual cheering up and hugs.

Master Retep said...

Don't sell out your generous spirit just because others aren't as conscientious as you are. You have noticed their behaviour because you know you wouldn't do it yourself. That's to your credit. Maybe some of it is also down to jet lag, home sickness and lack of towels.

Jessica said...

Oh lord, I hope it's not me! I haven't even seen you for a week!