Saturday, 25 July 2009

Still Truculent...

Rebecca ended up in Detention with Mr Shafebotham one Tuesday night (much to her horror - balmy summer nights are clearly for drinking gin and tonic under a starry sky, not writing lines).

Rebecca hadn't actually done anything horribly wrong, it was more to do with her general attitude, which had been causing no small amount of trouble. Sitting waiting in the empty classroom and reading the detention rules, Rebecca was less than impressed - no talking, no rearranging her clothing and raising her hand if she wished to speak all equated to very much not cool. The rather imposing list of detention protocol on the blackboard did little to make her feel any better

1. Spanking 2. Paddle 3. Lines 4. Light Tawse 5. Belt 6. Lines 7. Strap 8. XH Tawse (2 tails) 9. XH Tawse (3 tailes) 10. Lines 11. Junior Cane 12. Senior Cane 13. Lines 14. Dragon Cane

In fact, by the time the Headmaster entered the room Rebecca was rather cross - she hadn't done anything after all. This meant that the detention didn't get off to the best start. Rebecca was somewhat argumentative and cheeky and ended up getting whacked with the wooden paddle (for breaking the rules) before the detention had even really begun.

Next Rebecca found herself over the Headmaster's knee for a spanking to start the detention, feeling extremely embarrassed to be over his knee, and worse with her knickers around her thighs. There was also the alarming realisation that this actually *hurts* a lot, and was only the begining, which was reinforced by the '1. Spanking' being ticked off on the blackboard. The paddle followed, coupled with much protesting and then some lines.

Rebecca was still being less than compliant about the whole process so ended up getting the wooden paddle again before moving onto the light tawse (which Rebecca noted was not very light at all!). It should be emphasised that Rebecca is not a fan of wooden implements in general but despite this when she is in a rebellious mood they do little to act as an incentive to behave. The belt hurt Rebecca quite a lot but not enough to stop her from earning extra strokes for being cheeky.

It was in writing the next set of lines that Rebecca came up with a cunning plan - as any outward signs of attitude such as answering back, rearranging her clothing, pouting (one of Rebecca's favourite pasttimes) and slouching were verboten she would do it another way - by writing her lines as slow as humanly possible. This seemed like an excellent idea, even when Mr Shaftebotham tawsed her hands for being so slow - she could hardly write more quickly when her hands were so sore could she now?!

Rebecca suspected that the Headmaster laid the strap on more heavily than he might have done otherwise in response to his frustration at the speed of her line writing. She wriggled and yelped through the dozen strokes with each the two and three tailed XH tawses and mentally resolved herself to write even more slowly the next time.

In the next set of lines Rebecca took almost 25 minutes to write ten lines, which she considered a great triumph despite getting the tawse on her hands again. She could sense the palpable frustration in the Headmaster and took great delight in pointing out that she couldn't write any faster because he had made her hands hurt so much - it was his fault that this was taking so long - not hers.

This may have been a sign of total lack of common sense as Rebecca found herself bending over for the junior cane. This slashed down but Rebecca took it quite well - twenty five minutes is after all a good rest and if offered the choice (which never happens) Rebecca prefers the cane to the great big heavy tawses anyway. The senior cane was somewhat harder but Rebecca managed to stay down for all of the strokes and to count them and thank Mr Shaftebotham for them without sounding too sarcastic.

Then Rebecca was faced with more lines, which she once again wrote terribly slowly. The problem was that Rebecca was actually getting rather bored of writing so very slowly - it is really quite hard work to draw out a seven word line for almost five minutes. So when the teacher's back was turned she sneakily began to write more quickly, making sure to slow down (to make her point) whenever he turned around to check on her.

Still, it didn't make sense to finish too quickly as all poor Rebecca had to look forward to was the Dragon Cane. She stretched out over the desk reaching up onto her tip toes and took a deep breath and then slowly counted each stroke from one to twelve and thanked the Headmaster, somewhat more sincerely this time. They hurt a lot but Rebecca stayed put and didn't squeak too much. Afterwards Rebecca promised to show less attitude (with a bit of a pout).

The final note in the detention report read 'still truculent' :-)

One of the things that I find interesting about role play is that your character can take over. I was actually in quite a good mood but as soon as I got into my school uniform and received the detention note I became quite grumpy, and almost 'up for a fight'. This can be quite good fun as it tends to give that sort of scene a bit of energy and also psyche me up for taking more. I *hate* the wooden paddle but having it as a discentive didn't make Rebecca bat an eyelid, nor did the strict rules - at that point I was utterly outraged that I was being dealt with so harshly when I hadn't done anything wrong and determined to get this across at any cost.

Afterwards we had a nice cuddle and a giggle over me writing so slowly as Mr S had actually noticed that I was speeding up when he wasn't looking at the end! It's interesting though because on another occasion Rebecca could easily have been much more apologetic and upset but on that particular night she wasn't...


Jessica said...

Rebecca's just a naughty girl - and a bad influence on Jessica ;-)

Eliane said...

Why am I not in the slightest bit surprised that Rebecca was truculent and badly behaved in detention?!

Paul said...

Rebecca, a brat after my own heart.LOL
Warm hugs,

Indy said...

Truculent is a rather lovely, underused word, isn't it?

In my limited school roleplay experience, I'm invariably rebellious in exactly the way you describe. As long as I can hang on to some minor rebellion- and I love the slow writing idea-- I can go along with the rest. And I certainly don't stop to consider the disincentives, at least not early in the scene.

One day, I'll have to play a schoolgirl who gets punished for something I'd actually feel guilty about and see if I respond differently.

Rebecca said...

Jessica you know quite well that Jessica taught Rebecca everything she knows - before Rebecca met Jessica she was a total angel...