Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Fond farewells

We'd had a nice evening out on the town - gone to the cinema and then to a lovely restaurant for Thai food and cocktails. We got home and sat in the living room, chatting convivially with one of my flatmates and her other half and drinking coffee. Then he told me to go and get ready and wait for him in the bedroom (one of the joys of a kinky flat is that this type of command doesn't cause raised eyebrows).

I changed into pretty underwear - pink satin knickers and bra with big bows between my breasts and above my bottom and black stockings and knelt on my bed and waited. I could hear people still chatting in the living room and shifted about nervously on the bed. The door handle clicked and he stood above me, smiling in approval. He lifted my chin and kissed me once and then settled himself on the bed and manoeuvred me over his lap.

He started spanking me quite gently and lecturing me for being naughty, even though we both knew I hadn't done anything particularly heinous. The large bow on my bottom was somewhat hampering proceedings so my knickers soon made their way down my thighs, which is when I really started to protest - what a waste of pretty underwear! He pinned my neck into the bed and started spanking me harder, stopping every so often to rub my bottom or stroke my hair. I was purring as much as whimpering and well aware that I was being spoiled.

He rolled me off his lap and got me to lie on my tummy on the bed and started running our new flogger up and down my back, bottom and legs. I sighed contentedly, this was very nice. Then suddenly he bought it down hard on my bottom, which was a bit of a shock and I squeaked but concurred that it was a good purchase. He started flogging my bottom hard enough to sting but not agonisingly hard and we got into a sort of rhythm. My room is very small - the bed takes up half the floorspace and my mirror is directly opposite. I don't normally like watching myself play because I worry about the wobbly bits but I could just see the curve of my back and buttocks, his outline and the flogger falling down on my bottom and found that watching was actually turning me on.

He swapped for the heavier flogger suddenly, which knocked the breath out of me. It's got longer and heavier falls and so is less stingy but more thuddy but still quite nice to play with. I floated off in the sensation as he alternated between flogging my back, bottom and the backs of my thighs. It was all at that level where it hurts but in a good controllable way and you're well aware the the top is playing with you rather than punishing you. It all felt wonderfully self-indulgent in comparison to some heavier scenes I've done recently.

Then he ordered me to kneel up and a bit of tactical positioning occurred to give him room to swing (there's a chest of drawers next to my bed at one end and dresser at the other so only just enough room to swing a cat). He tapped a cane at the insides of my thighs, telling me to spread them and then pushing them further apart. My head was down in the duvet and I felt very exposed, and remember looking up to check we'd closed the blinds.

He started to cane me, little taps to start with, warning me that he wanted to try out the new dragon cane. I whimpered, he laughed and gave me a couple of strokes in earnest and traced them with his finger before starting to cane me properly. I gasped and sighed as the cane landed repeatedly across my bottom, harder now as he worked his way down from the crest of my buttocks to just below the crease, which seemed a particular target for attention. I'm not sure how many I got but I think probably in the region of 30ish, maybe a few more. I was quite spacey and very much enjoying the moment rather than wanting to keep count.

When he stopped he pulled me back across his lap and traced the lines with his fingers, proclaiming satisfaction with the cane. Then we did some other things that I'm not going to write about. Am feeling a little sad as he's away this week and doesn't return until after I head off on a ten day business trip with work (yes there are people out there foolish enough to trust me with that sort of thing!).

It did get me thinking about the different types of play session though. There are actual punishments, which are painful and horrible but tend to make you feel cared for afterwards. There are play punishments, for example as part of roleplays which can be similar to real punishments but may not make you feel as guilty at the time because beneath your character you aren't actually guilty of anything. There are 'just because' whackings which vary a lot depending on the top and sub, not to mention punishments for trivial things, which are really just an excuse to smack someone or to get spanked. Then there are the more sensual sessions. And probably lots more that I can't think of, all nice, scary and painful in their own ways. :-)


Graham said...

Mmm. Sounds delicious!

Paul said...

Rebecca, those sorts of play sessions are great, specially when they end up doing things that you don't want to write about. WEG
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

Ooo, sounds lovely. Apart from the cane, of course!

Indy said...

I'm with Eliane on all counts!